Editing/Writing Services

 ~~ “After an introduction that details how the articles came about, Kate Benessa made an awesome Table of Contents which includes a summary of each article so the reader knows in advance whether the article will apply to their inquiry. Then she worked with our web assistants to link the titles to the exact location in the Journals, making the information easy to find. This demonstrates a level of thoughtfulness and thoroughness that should not go without mention. So a Board-wide Thank you to Kate for this! Yes, it was a labor of love, but a labor nonetheless.”  – Catherine Liddell, President, Lute Society of America ~~

~Tailor-made editing services at the level you require. 

~Specializing in nonfiction, memoir, and academic writing (history, arts, and the humanities). 

~Through years of experience in the academic field and the creative arts, I offer a discerning eye combined with a sensitivity to your voice. Let’s talk about your project!

~Experience with multilingual clients. 

~Contact me at:  katharynbenessa16@gmail.com

  • 9 years as a college instructor advising research papers
  • 3 years as Editorial Assistant for the Journal of Musicological Research
  • Guest editor, Lute Society of America Quarterly
  • Member, Editorial Freelancers Association
  • EFA course: Copyediting


~~ “Kate Benessa’s writing and compositional skills are outstanding. She delivered her well-researched book chapter for our newest Echoes of Old Thompson book on time and under budget.” — Joe Iamartino, Editor ~~


Ghostwriting, specializing in family history: Would you like to see your family stories written down for posterity? I’ll organize your research and write an original, engaging text ($30/page at 250 wds/page). If you’re interested in having me supplement your materials with further research, contact me for a quote.



Editing for clarity of language, continuity, and technical consistency.

  • Nonfiction/Memoir
    • $8.00/page (at 250 wds/page)
  • Fiction
    • $6.25/page (at 250 was/page)


  • Offered for NONFICTION only
    • $10.00/page (at 250 wds/page)

Addresses the coherence, overall structure and organization of materials, and identifies areas for expansion, plus copyediting.

Fee based on evaluation of manuscript.


A deeper dive into phrasing, word choice, and syntax on the sentence level.

  • Offered for NONFICTION only
  • $9.00/page (at 250 wds/page)